Egyptian replica statues

Qurna is really the name of the ribbon of villages that encircle the Theban necropolis on the eastern flank of the sacred mountain range, whose pyramid like peak is the “qurn” or horn. The people of Qurna make their living as Tourist Guides to the many monuments of Ancient Egypt found here. They are also famous (sometimes infamous) as crafters of replica antiques and souvenirs.

These images of Seth are based on rare, original images, hand carved from the local limestone, the same as used in the monuments of the nearby Valley of the Kings.
Approximate size 30cm x 20cm x 2cm, weight 1kg

“They are awesome!” Sarah Grimstone

Replica of Lintel found at Nagada commisioned by Tuthmoses I of 18th dynasty


Raised relief with colour
$100 US dollars (approx £66)


Raised relief, monochrome
$100 US dollars (approx £66)


Raised relief with colour
$100 US dollars plus P&P (approx £66)


Raised relief, monochrome
$100 US dollars (approx £66)


Replica canoptic jars in stone – can be used to store funeral remains or spirits

More images below
(inquire for availability and price)
Other Egyptian images on request –






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