Paul Green


Paul A. Green has been exploring the interzones between magick, the paranormal and the edge-lands of science in drama, fiction and poetry over several decades – as

demonstrated in plays like The Dream Laboratory (CBC Radio), Ritual of the

Stifling Air (BBC Radio 3), The Voice Collection (RTE Radio Eire), The Mouthpiece

(Resonance-FM), Terminal Poet (New Theatre Works) and Babalon (Travesty

Theatre), which celebrated the life of Thelemite rocket scientist Jack Parsons. The mysteries of consciousness are also recurrent themes in The Gestaltbunker- Selected

Poems (Shearsman Books 2012).

His novel The Qliphoth (Libros Libertad 2007) – an occultural rite-of-passage saga in

a contemporary setting – fused speculative fiction and esoteric fantasy. The sequel

Beneath The Pleasure Zones, coming soon from Mandrake, takes

genre-mashing and reality-morphing even further in a post-apocalyptic of

neo-pagan cults, fundamentalist militias, and erotic cyber-punkettes…

His on-line presence includes audio pieces like Thanatron, Brother Thirteen, and BP Blues , featured on, which also carries his articles on

Crowley, Burroughs and Colin Wilson, among others. Stories from his Radial City series can be found at Nth Position, The Recusant and Brand Magazine, and in the print collection Unthology 2 (Unthank Books)

Babalon Film

Author website

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