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Metaphysical Bookshops & Supplies – Tarot Readings – Book Launches, Lectures, Courses, Workshops and other Events.
The Atlantis Bookshop,
49a Museum Street,
London, WC1A 1LY, UK.
Phone: 020 7405 2120 /
Open Monday to Saturday, 10:30am – 6:00pm.
Located a few steps away from the British Museum, the Atlantis Bookshop is a London landmark of prestigious occult history run by Bali and Geraldine Beskin. There you will find new and second hand books on all aspects of spirituality and the occult, as well as artefacts and jewellery. Also featuring are regular authors events, lectures, courses, workshops, and art exhibitions. Tarot Readings by appointment.
Treadwells Bookshop,
33 Store Street, Bloomsbury,
London WC1E 7BS, UK.
Phone: 020 7240 8906 /
Open 7 days a week, 12:00pm – 7:00pm.
Treadwell’s is a bookshop and cultural centre for people interested in esotericism, culture, religion and spirituality. We are a boutique-sized browser’s paradise. Paganism, Wicca, Thelema, and druidry, but also literature, history, culture and classics. We sell secondhand and new books, rare and unusual, as well as bargain finds. If you are looking for information on any aspect of Western pagan spirituality or the esoteric traditions of Europe, we can help. Our shop in London’s historic Bloomsbury is our headquarters and bookshop, as well as our centre for book launches, workshops, classes, lectures and Tarot Readings. In an atmosphere of dark wood book cases and afghan rugs, Treadwell’s invites you into a world of esoteric belief and cultural history. Magical supplies include temple paraphernalia, apothecary, best quality incenses and oils, jewellery, artifacts and the classic Tarots decks. See also their fabulous online shop.
Watkins Books,
19-21 Cecil Court,
London, WC2N 4EZ, UK.
Open 7 days / Tel 020 7836 2182 /
Located in the heart of London’s West End theater district, off the Charring Cross Road, near Leicester Square Tube station, Watkins is the capital’s oldest occult bookshop, founded in 1895. Customers have included early Theosophists and members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This is a seeker’s Grail with a congenial atmosphere, helpful and knowledgeable staff. There you will find a wide range of books on spirituality, esoterica and magic, Eastern philosophy, Alice Bailey, Theosophy, modern masters, ancient mysteries and other varied topics. Also on the premises Watkins esoteric centre with Tarot Readings, magical jewellery, artefacts, crystals, cards, posters, incenses, CDs, DVDs, etc, and a huge choice of Tarot cards, Oracles and cartomancy decks. Online store and international mail order.


Esotericism – Mysticism – Paganism – Myths & Magic – Events.
A Bad Witch’s Blog
Secret Chiefs London
The Visible College
Gnostic NYC
Spiral Nature Magazine
Occult of Personality
Podcasts from the realms of the occult and the esoteric.
Occult Study
The Wild Hunt – Modern Pagan News & Commentary.
The Wiccan/Pagan Times – A Useful Resource for the Solitary Practitioner.
London lodge of the Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society (LOGDOS)
The Society of The Inner Light Journal
Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Odin Brotherhood Website
Freya Aswynn Rune Mistress
Cornish Witchcraft
Traditional Cornish Witchcraft
The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic,
The Harbour, Boscastle,
North Cornwall, PL35 0HD.
St Nectans Glen
The Isle of Avalon


Mysteries – Strange Phenomena & The Paranormal – UFOlogy.
Fate Magazine – True Reports of The Strange and Unknown.
Fortean Times Magazine – The World of Strange Phenomena.
London Fortean Society
Magonia Review of Books and monthly get together.
Bufora – British UFO research association.
Adamski Foundation
Glastonbury Symposium – The Symposium, is one of Britain’s longest-established and most acclaimed ‘alternative’ conferences.


Espace Francophone
Elevation de Yann-Erick – Le Paranormal, L’Esoterisme, Le Merveilleux.
Cercle Spirite Allan Kardec de Paris


Aromatherapy – Herbal Products & Essentials Oils Suppliers – Incences – Natural Remedies & Cosmetics.
Amphora Aromatics,
Wholesaler and Retailer
of aromatherapy products, essential oils, and henna hair products.
G Baldwin & Co,
171 / 173 Walworth Road,
London SE17 1RW, England.
Purveyors of natural products since 1844.
Aromatherapy, essential oils, incenses, dried herbs,
natural remedies and supplies, books, natural soaps, creams, etc.
Id Aromatics,
12 New Station Street,
Leeds, LS1 5DL,
West Yorkshire, UK.
Wholesaler and Retailer of aromatherapy products and essential oils since 1983.
The Court Yard, 2 – 4 High Street,
Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DU, UK.
Original Magical Botanical since 1969. Aromatherapy products, incenses, oils, candles, soaps, books, gifts.
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Organic Natural Health & Beauty.
BWC, Beauty Without Cruelty – Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care, Full Color Cosmetics Range.
Cruelty-Free International
Henna For Hair


Tarots – Oracles – Cartomancy.
Aeclectic Tarot
Tarot Passages


Ayurveda – Tantra – Yoga.
Shiva Shakti Mandalam
Phil Hine’s website.
Goddess Temple
Website of Penny Slinger – Surrealist Artist & Tantric Priestess.
Website of Nik Douglas – Tantric Scholar & Practitioner.
Tantralife – Tantra courses with Ma Krishna Radha.
OSHO International Foundation.
Padma & Ashika’s Embraceart Studio.
Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Global Veg – A Culinary Journal


Arts & Crafts from India.
Exotic India – The web’s largest retailer and wholesaler of quality textiles and Indian Art. Featuring a wide range of men & women’s clothing including: salwar kameez, kirtans, saris, shawls etc. Home textiles including bedspreads, rugs etc. Indiant art, paintings and batik, scuptures, artifacts, jewellery, beads etc. Online Bookshop with titles on Philosphy, Yoga, Tantra, ayurvedic supplies, and more. The Exotic India website also features an excellent Eastern spirituality archive and a newsletter with news and articles is available.
India Handicraft Store – Exporters of Indian handicrafts, textiles, sculptures, jewellery, furnitures.


Graphic & Web Design – Photography – Digital, Video, Audio – MultiMedia.
Frances Nutt, Graphic Designer, Photographic Illustrator.
Blue Lotus Pod – Digital, Video, Audio, Web Design & MultiMedia Consultancy.
Simon Marsden Photographer & The Marsden Archive.


Time Out Magazine & Guides
– Worldwide guide to art and entertainment, food and drink, film, travel and more.
Donlon Books
The Albion Beatnik Bookstore
Dangerous Minds
Outside Left – Rock n’ Roll
Waldemar Januszczak
The magical world of Jeff McBride
Ricky Gervais official website
Russell Brand official website


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