Spencer Kansa Publisher: Beatdom Books

“Zoning reads like an urban Celine.” William S. Burroughs

Zoning is travelling without moving. A magical, mind-bending story revolving around the intersecting lives of a teenage occultist, Astral Boy, and a young, budding porn star, Skyrise Kid.

Fuelled by sex, drugs and black magick, the two protagonists crisscross an increasingly nightmarish dreamscape, where an ancient death cult traffic snuff movies, Hawaiian twins shape-shift live on the Oprah Show, and strange heavenly orbs threaten to blast the planet to smithereens.

“The spirit of the Beat Generation comes alive in the writing of Spencer Kansa. This is hardly surprising since he hung out with the likes of Burroughs, Ginsberg and Huncke. An unruly Beat attitude and stance has skipped several generations to surface once again in our own time.”

Joe Ambrose, author Chelsea Hotel Manhattan.

Zoning will soon be available at all your favourite stores, but the best deal is here and now – direct from the publisher, Beatdom Books. For only $9.99 + $2.00 post & packaging (to anywhere in the world!!!!) you can have a copy of this wonderful novel.

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