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Query letters or email mandrake[at]
[covering letter and synopsis only].


Guidelines for Prospective Authors

We are always happy to look at ideas for a new book, as long as they fit with what we do.

So take a look at our catalogue first, and check out a copy of something in the same category, to see whether what you’ve written fits with our titles.

Please don’t send the manuscript until asked to do so. Start by writing a query letter describing your project in a few paragraphs, along with a blurb you would write for the back cover of your book, all of which can be mailed or emailed to me at Mandrake. Or equally just send a query letter.

If you want your submissions back, then be sure to include return postage. There is no need to bind or include a folder with the manuscript – just staple it all together and send.

Due to time and volume, only queries which follow the guidelines will be considered for a reply.

Please don’t send the only copy of your magnum opus! You might also find it useful to complete the author questionaire reproduced below (to print, click into this frame, then choose ‘file’, ‘print frame’).


Mandrake Programme

1) Do not use block capitals

2) Use single quotes for first level of any citation (double quotes for nested quotes)

3) Use a serif font for body text.

We recommend the New Hart’s Rules, The Handbook of Style for Writers and Editors published by Oxford University Press, 432 pages, an excellent investment, at the very good price of 12.99 Pounds Sterling.

Also worth having is The Writer’s Journey, Mythic Structure For Storytellers & Screenwriters by Christopher Vogler, published by Michael Wiese Productions.


MANDRAKE of OXFORD – Author Questionaire












4. AVAILABILITY?? Are you planning to be abroad or unavailable at any time during the next 18 months? If so, when?




6. NATIONALITY (This is required for copyright purposes)



7. Please outline your previous career, qualifications, any practical and campaigning work conducted on the topic of your work, travel and interests, and books already published (title, publisher, date and price), and any other relevant biographical information. It makes our life difficult if you are modest!



8. Please supply a recent, good quality photograph of yourself for possible use in promotion.

9. Are you currently writing any other books or pamphlets? If so, please give brief details.



10. Sometimes it will be necessary to describe your book/pamphlet in a sentence. Please provide one short statement which aptly expresses its scope and purpose in your eyes.

11. Please provide a 200 words description of the book/pamphlet.

12. Please list the main features of the book as you see them.

13. New edition: If the book is a new edition, please detail the major changes – parts rewritten, new material, new illustrations, etc.

14. Please list competing books and describe how this book differs from them.

15. Who do you see as the readers of your book?

16. If the book could be used at school/adult education or academic level, please specify in what type of institutions, departments and for what courses you would expect it to be used.

17. Please name individuals or booksellers (particularly your local bookseller), who might be influential in promoting your book.

18. Are there any circumstances connected with the book that might have news value – events, centenaries, exhibitions, conferences, TV or radio programmes, or other occasions to which we might link publicity?

19. Please list those newspapers, radio and TV programmes, magazines and newsletters, including your local newspaper) and independent reviewers that you think most likely to take notice of your book (asterisking any to which you yourself have contributed

20. If there are any press, TV or radio contacts personally known to you or whom you know are particularly interested in your topic, please name them and the department in which they work.

21. Please list those groups, political parties, associations, clubs, voluntary organisations, etc, for whom your book would have particular appeal; please suggest possible mailing lists possibly available for the distribution of leaflets or press releases.