A.D.Harvey was born and brought up in Colchester, read history at St John”s College Oxford, obtained a Ph.D. at Cambridge, taught there for some years, and later became an antiques dealer.He is the author of a number of historical works that were favourably reviewed in the national press and of the novels WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW (Bloomsbury 2000) and OXFORD:THE NOVEL (Brewin 2012).His short stories have appeared in LONDON MISCELLANY and CRITICAL QUARTERLY.

Anton Channing

Anton Channing has practised meditation from 1985, began psychic training and tarot in 1990, converted from Catholicism for Paganism and Magick in 1992 and underwent simultaneous training in Natural Magic and Chaos Magic with two different groups from 1996. In late 2000 he wrote the manifesto for the Kaotic Illuminated Adepts, which was officially launched in early 2001.

In 2003 his book Kaos Hieroglyphica was published. Leaving Chaos Magic behind, but still greatly influenced by sorcerers such as Austin Osman Spare he formed a new group from the old KIA, which he called the KIA Illuminated Adepts. Like the orginal KIA this is a non hierarchical networking organisation rather than a magical order.

Cassandra Latham-Jones

Cassandra uniquely became the first witch to register with the Inland Revenue in 1997. She served her community in the wilds of West Cornwall until 2010 when she officially retired from full time employment. However, she still remains the Village Wisewoman of Buryan and lives with her partner, Laetitia in their 200 year old Cornish granite cottage.

Charlotte Rodgers


Charlotte Rodgers was born in New Zealand, received the PEN international young writers award for 1983 and after many years of travel, fast living and dodgy magick, now leads a life of quiet eccentricity commuting between England and Asia. She creates, exhibits, and occasionally sells art made from road kill and has had articles published in many magazines.
Charlotte Rodgers website www.perdurabu.com

Read an interview with Charlotte Rodgers on The Blog of Baphomet theblogofbaphomet.com/2017/02/20/an-audience-with-charlotte-rodgers/

Listen to Gordon White ”Talking Animism and Place with Charlotte Rodgers”

‘Charlotte at Play’. A film by Sean Kissling

Chris Allaun

(Author photo credit: Ray DeJongh)

Chris Allaun has been studying paganism and the occult since 1992. He is an ordained minister with The Brotherhood of the Phoenix and has been an initiate of Traditional Witchcraft since 2002. He is also a Native American Pipe Carrier and studies that path of the Red Road. He teaches classes and workshops on magick, healing, shamanism, and necromancy. He has taught at pagan festivals such as Pagan Spirit Gathering and Between the Worlds. He continues to study and teach the magickal arts to those who seek to balance the three worlds in their own lives.

Chris Allaun, Author, Teacher, Medicine Man

Chris Morgan


He was a Wellcome research student at Oxford, where his teacher was the later Professor B K Matilal, a widely respected expert on South Asian rational thought. He has published several books, articles,and even the odd poem (see ASHÉ).

Christopher McIntosh


Christopher McIntosh describes himself as a romantic who has been in search of the “strange and bizarre things of life” since his childhood. To survive in the world of mammon, he became successively a publisher, a journalist, a United Nations official and a university lecturer, while continuing to pursue his quest by writing books. As well as fiction, his works include biographies of Eliphas Lévi and King Ludwig II of Bavaria, two books on the Rosicrucians and a study of sacred and symbolic gardens. Having travelled widely, he is now settled in Bremen, north Germany.

Dave Lee

Dave Lee has over 20 years of experience in practical magick.  An early editor of Chaos International Magazine, he is the author of Magical Incenses and the Wealth Magic Workbook.

He has worked with the Illuminates of Thanateros for many years, and presents workshops and lectures in the UK, USA and mainland Europe. Dave lives in England, and is engaged in continual magical researches which will no doubt find their way into print in one form or another.

Dave Lee’s CHAOTOPIA website www.chaotopia.co.uk

David Aronson

David Aronson lives and works in the Philadelphia area. His quirky, offbeat drawings, paintings and illustrations combine traditional media such as watercolor, ink, graphite and colored pencil with digital media and digital collage. His work ranges from whimsical to fantastic, from highly stylized to realistically rendered, and has been called unique and highly imaginative. It mixes lowbrow with fine art elements and often employs unusual juxtapositions. Thematically, David often delves into the realms of mythology and psychology.

He has created art for CD covers, music videos, magazines, books, music posters and tour t-shirts. David is also an oil painter and has completed several public and private commissions. His digital animation has been featured on MTV2 and Fuse, and his drawings and illustrations have appeared in Silkmilk, Ritual, Inside Artzine, Khooligan, Fugue and BigNews, as well as being exhibited nationally in galleries and museum shows. His work has been featured in a college level illustration textbook, and most recently in the book The Immanence of Myth.

David is an art teacher, working with both children and adults, teaching several different media. He was once the sole owner and operator of a small art school in the Philadelphia suburbs. He is also a certified hypnotherapist, professional astrologer, and published poet.


Reviews blurbs:

Aronson is one of the most powerful / disturbing living artists…putting an erotic spirituality, equal to that of William Blake, into a nightmare that is darker than H.R. Giger’s.
–Frank Moore, Cherotic Revolutionary Magazine

David Aronson’s work is nothing short of digital alchemy; a spiritual, energetic example of subversion that does not detract from the reverence for his chosen subject matter. To look upon his work is to see through the eyes of a man achingly familiar with a broad spectrum of emotion. It is, quite simply, Truth, filtered through a stained glass window in another world.
–Glossolalia Black, Odd Culture

If you were ever a fan of Omni magazine or Salvador Dali you will be thrilled by David Aronson’s work. He conjures up horrific psychological landscapes in his surrealist cauldron; personal exorcisms writhing with erotic fantasies. His work also possess a hidden warmth, an empathy, which is woven throughout his nightmares serving to make his work embraceable. Whether this is done intentionally or as a cathartic result of the art itself is a mystery. And this would be just one of many dark mysteries inspired by David’s art.
–Robin Parry, Origivation Magazine

David Parry

David William Parry was born in Hampshire in 1958. After receiving a degree in religious studies from King’s College, London, he continued his theological research at Heythrop College. By profession he teaches literature and language. Since 1996 he has also given regular public lectures on metaphysical poetry, occultism and the problems of semantic theory. He lives with his partner in Clapham and visits Poland whenever the opportunity presents itself.

David Rankine

David Rankine is an author who has been practicing magick for 25 years, and is best known for his lively lectures and workshops. He has been involved with a wide variety of magickal groups and traditions,and draws on his extensive experience to convey the essence of magick in simple terms.

Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe was born in 1918 at Teddington, Middlesex, saw military service in World War 2 as an ammunition examiner in the ‘Blitz’ in London before a posting to India. His scientific career includes many research papers on thermal conductivity. He founded and edited Ore Magazine, with Brian Louis Pearce as advisory associate.

His credo is opposed to mainstream material poetry and rooted in belief of an after-life. Myth, legend and ancient British history play a large part in his themes.

His poems Anthropos and Fire in the Bush : poems 1955-1992, both published by University of Salzburg Press. Reviewer have said of Fire in the Bush:

‘His poetry is a mystical celebration of life, remote and unearthly’- RICHMOND AND TWICKENHAM TIMES

…’vision in which Elemental presences are more real than so-called reality…it is in the company of Kathleen Raine and Charles Williams that Ratcliffe is to be considered’ – TEARS IN THE FENCE

‘Like the phantom arm that recovered Excalibur from the marsh, Ratcliffe plunges deep into the azure mire of prehistoric and pre-conscious history and surfaces clutching a handful of alchemical gems – chantoyant, crystalline and imperishable’- – ABRAXAS

‘The general vision is compulsive…the highly prophetic tone is awesome and apposite to our times’ – -IOTA

Gerhard D Wassermann (1919-2004)

& His Parapsychological Theories

Born in Leipzig, his family came to Britain in 1936. A Biologist and Philosopher, he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London with first class Honours in Mathematics, and then obtained a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics from the University of London. After working for a while in Theoretical Acoustics (horn design) with Tannoy Products, he was invited by (the later) Nobel Laureate Sir Neville Mott to join his department at Bristol as Research Assistant to Prof. Herbert Fröhlich FRS.

In his career the author did research in Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Optics, Theoretical Developmental Biology, Theory of Evolution. Biophilosophy, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind. He published many papers in prestigious journals (subject to peer review) and seven books. A Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and was elected in 1989 as a Fellow of the Institute of Biology and awarded a DSc from the University of London.

Professor Wasserman developed a major theory of paranormal phenomena which was published in the journal Nature, and later in book form as Shadow Matter And Psychic Phenomena and the sequel Consciousness & Near Death Experiences.

Mogg Morgan from JSM II

Gordon MacLellan


Gordon MacLellan is a shaman, storyteller and artist whose work sets out to find ways of celebrating the relationships between people, place and wildlife. Gordon’s books include Talking to the Earth, Sacred Animals and Celebrating Nature (all with Capall Bann), StarMatter and the Piatkus Guide to Shamanism.

Greg Humphries

Greg Humphries is an artist and magician who has over 15 years of experience exploring magical practices throughout the world. The work outlined within this book covers the years 1999 – 2002 and influenced his move to Cornwall, England where he currently paints happily in his studio at the bottom of the garden.
Check out Greg Humphries blog greghumphries.wordpress.com

Julian Vayne has been involved with the magickal world for over 20 years. He has published numerous articles, led a variety of esoteric workshops and courses and is a prominent figure in comporary British occultism. His interests include drugs and magick, permaculture and the politics of sustainability, teaching and graphic art. He lives in Devon where he tends his newly planted orchard.

Jack Wolf

Canadian author Jack Wolf has been a practicing pagan for over 30 years, walking a path that encompasses both his Northern European and Native American heritage. He counts the late E. Max Hyatt as one of his mentors.

An avid outdoorsman, Jack has spent a considerable portion of his life exploring the deep wilds of British Columbia, a vast province on Canada’s west coast. He brings a great deal of his wilderness experience to his spiritual path.

Over the past 15 years Jack has studied and written about a number of northern pagan traditions, having published for the most part in small journals or websites. Jack is also the author of Tales from the Thornwood and The Urban Tribalist: Discovering your Pagan Path in the Concrete Jungle (coming in 2013).

Spiritually, Jack identifies himself most as a Deep Tribalist; that is a person whose spiritual path involves questing for the First Knowledge – that held by our most ancient ancestors whose hearts and spirits were deeply connected to the land. As such he follows a Deep Tribal tradition (which some have, not inaccurately, described as a form of animist Odinism) – which he has practiced since the late 1980s.

Jack holds a degree in anthropology from the world-renowned University of British Columbia and has long held an avid interest in history, tribal peoples, spirituality and the reawakening of pagan traditions worldwide. He currently resides with his daughter and his wife and co-author Cassandra Wolf in Squamish, British Columbia.

For more information on the Thornish Tradition

Jan Fries


‘Journey through the frozen land’ from Visual Magick

Jan Fries is the author five books and several articles that deal with some very interesting free-form shamanic techniques. Here’s what one of Jan’s students said about seething:

‘Seething is probably the most useful magical technique I have ever learned. I first was taken by the pleasure of it. My body felt warm and sensual, and seething in the hips felt quite sexual. I liked the feeling of my body taking over where the shaking was first voluntary – but I could still have some control, making the shaking stronger or more subtle. After a while I started to see visions – something that very rarely happens to me. I could see (with my physical eyes, not astrally!) the surface of the land in the centre of the circle rippling, like waves of energy. It was a really moving experience in a site that – until then – had not been particularly ‘special’ to me… it ..has had a major impact upon my magical work which used to be largely indoors, as at last I have found a way that I can work outdoors. This gives my magical work a potency that it simply didn’t have before.’

Jan lives in Frankfurt near the Taunus Mountains. He is a musician, artist and magician. I first met him sometime in the eighties at an ancient ritual site in Wiltshire called Silbury Hill. He was there along with several others to participate in a ritual with american sorceress Nema, author of Maat Magick. I heard from a friend about a short manuscript Jan had written on sigil magick. It was being privately circulated amongst the world’s ‘rosicrucian’ community and getting a very favourable response. I was immediately struck by its clarity, originality and above all humour. I asked if I could publish it and as it was a bit too short to make a complete book I suggested that maybe we could add some material from Austin Spare. But Jan would have none of that – he immediately went away and wrote enough for a full sized book – the result is Visual Magick – a manual of freestyle shamanism.

Jean Overton Fuller

– Writer, Biographer, Artist, Poet, Mystic, Astrologer, Theosophist, Ripperologist

Jean Overton Fuller is no stranger to controversy. For more than half a century she has been exploding myths in a manner than has often lead to a complete reappraisal of the establishment view. The only child of Indian Army Officer Capt J H M Fuller and the artist Violet Overton Fuller, she holds a degree in English from London University. She had a brief career on the stage and knew Victor Neuberg, (magical partner of Aleister Crowley) and his circle in the mid 1930s.

During World War II she used her eagle eye to search for espionage in sensitive postal communications. She later made researches into the fate of her friend Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan and other British agents in France under German occupation.

Jean Overton Fuller’s acclaimed biography Noor-un-Nisa-Inayat Khan (Madeleine) was first published by Victor Gollancz in September 1952, and because of the enormous public empathy to the heroic life and death of beautiful Princess Noor, had run into fourth impression by November of the same year. Several subsequent editions followed, including a Pan paperback entitled Born For Sacrifice, and a new hardback edition by East-West Publications in 1988.

Miss Fuller joined the Theosophical Society in 1940, and is a former vice-president of the Astrological Lodge of London.  She was a regular contributor to the scholarly journal Theosophical History www.theohistory.org founded by Leslie Price and edited by Professor James Santucci.  Jean Overton Fuller also contributed letters for ”Alpheus”, Govert Schuller’s excellent Theosophical website for Esoteric History www.alpheus.org

Jean was also well liked and respected among Ripperologists and she spoke at The Jack The Ripper Conference. See Mandrake Ripperology section for Jean Overton Fuller

Check out these very good websites about Jean Overton Fuller






ISBN 0-903394-98-7 / Format: Large A4 hardback / Full colours illustrations /
Publisher: Fuller d’Arch Smith Ltd (1992)
Price: £10 / $20 / post and packaging not included / available from Mandrake of Oxford

[Jean Overton Fuller is the author of more than a dozen non-fiction books of very different character from this, and is also an artist. She studied at the Academie Julien in Paris, and paintings she exhibited at the Chelsea Art Society and elsewhere include a number of those of the cats and other immortals who figure in this story.]


Driven to it- An autobiography
by Jean Overton Fuller
Published 2007 by Michael Russell
ISBN 978-0-85955-306-3 / Hardback / 376 pp /
Illustrated with previously unreleased photographs.
[‘Driven to it‘ is the long awaited autobiography by one of England’s rarest and most erudite writers. A must read for Jean Overton Fuller’s fans. She is a natural writer. And a true original.]THIS TITLE IN NOW OUT OF PRINT.

Blavatsky and Her Teachers: An Investigative Biography
By Jean Overton Fuller
ISBN 0856921718 /  1989 / East/West Publishing / Hardback
[An elegantly written, well researched, profoundly insightful biography of the extraordinary Madame Blavatsky and a study of her works, by a respected Theosophical scholar.]

Krishnamurti and The Wind:  An Integral Biography
By Jean Overton Fuller
ISBN 0722950187  / 2003 / TPH London / Hardback / Paperback
[Another must read for all students of Theosophical History.]



Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan (Madeleine)
The Starr Affair
Double Webs – Horoscope for a Double Agent
Shelley – A Biography
Swinburne – A Biography
The German Penetration of S O E
Sir Francis Bacon – A Biography
The Comte de Saint-Germain,
(Last Scion of the House of Rákóczy)
Blavatsky and Her Teachers – An Investigative Biography
Cats and Other Immortals
Déricourt, The Chequered Spy – A Biography
Krishnamurti and The Wind – An Integral Biography
Driven to it – An Autobiography



*Joan Grant – Winged Pharaoh
*Cyril Scott and A Hidden School
[*can be purchased from the Theosophical History website.]



Carthage and the Midnight Sun
The Sun’s Cart
Silver Planet
Darun and Pitar
Prophecy from Helen



Shiva’s Dance (from the French of Helene Bouvard)
That the Gods May Remember
(from the French of Helene Bouvard)
The Prophet (from the Russian of Alexander Pushkin)



Joan Ann Lansberry

Joan Ann Lansberry received a BA from Northern Illinois University in 1981, with a double major in Art History and Studio Art and a minor in Philosophy. She became fascinated with Set, inspiring her to delve deeply into ancient Egypt in all its realms: historical, political, artistic, and religious, to gain a cohesive understanding of its culture. She continues her artistic endeavors via observational and intuitive art and is a published poet.

website: www.joanannlansberry.com

John Barber


John Barber is a researcher and prolific writer. His popular and informative website, www.johnbarber.com features excellent articles on the socio-cultural history of Britain and its great metropolis London, interviews, bibliography, as well as showcasing a collection of absorbing murder mystery novels.

John Patrick Higgins


John Patrick Higgins is a writer and illustrator. He is the author of The Narwhal and Other stories

His second collection will be published later in the year. He writes art criticism for various magazines and is Creative Director of Shot Glass Theatre Company. See feature at www.culturenorthernireland.org/reviews/performing-arts/shot-glass
He lives in Belfast, which he continues to find extraordinary.

John S Moore

Listen to John Moore’s presentation of Aleister Crowley, A Modern Master.

Born in 1948, John S Moore is a freelance writer and independent scholar living in Islington, North London. He studied philosophy at King’s College, University of London from 1966 to 1969. He has published several papers on Nietzsche and other figures like Crowley (an interest which goes back over 45 years), Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Schopenhauer and Wittgenstein, as well as 3 volumes of poetry.

Josephine McCarthy

Josephine McCarthy is a seasoned occultist and writer living in the wilds of the Dartmoor National Park in the UK. Josephine has taught and led various Western Mystery groups throughout the USA and UK for many years, and has written a variety of magical non-fiction and fiction. Her previous books include The Exorcists Handbook and The Work of the Hierophant.

Josephine McCarthy website josephinemccarthy.com

Deeper down the Rabbit Hole Podcast interview with Josephine McCarthy


Judith Page

Judith Page was born in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from the Chelsea School of Art in London, and is a respected artist and painter in esoteric circles, with particular focus on Egyptian art.

Judith also designs her own one of a kind range of silver Setian jewellery, specially made to her requirements by Egyptian craftmen.

Julian Vayne

Julian Vayne has been involved with the magickal world for over 20 years. He has published numerous articles, led a variety of esoteric workshops and courses and is a prominent figure in contemporary British occultism. His interests include drugs and magick, permaculture and the politics of sustainability, teaching and graphic art. He lives in Devon where he tends his newly planted orchard.
website: theblogofbaphomet.com

Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil

17 NOVEMBER 1927 – 17 JANUARY 2009
Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil, Professor Emeritus of the Universities of Chicago and Utrecht, was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Professor Zvelebil was an ordained Buddhist and world-renowned expert on South Indian languages and culture. He wrote many books including The Lexicon of Tamil Literature. The Siddha Quest for Immortality makes available for the first time, secrets of Tantrik Sexual Magick and Alchemy to both scholars and general readers.

Professor Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil on http://www.tamilnation.org/literature/zvelebil.htm

Professor Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil on http://www.marketaz.co.uk/zveleb1.html

Katon Shual


Katon Shual: pagan, researcher, author and sometime poet with an interest in folklore and sexual gnosticism. Sexual Magick, regarded by many as an innovative, compassionate approach to the subject of sexual gnosticism, is his only published monograph.

Kim Farnell

Kim Farnell is a professional astrologer, writer and biographer. She provides a range of services through her own consultancy and can be contacted via her personal website www.kimfarnell.co.uk

Kim Farnell is also a popular lecturer and a contributor to the scholarly journal Theosophical History founded by Leslie Price and edited by Professor James Santucci. Ms Farnell’s previous works include a biography of the influential esoteric astrologer Sepharial.

Lydia Maskell

Lydia Maskell was one of the original members of Bath Omphalos. She loves animals and has made a special study of cats in Ancient Egypt. Her other interests include the therapeutic and magical use of aromatics and the lore and magic of canines.

Mark L. Mirabello


The author of The Odin Brotherhood and The Crimes of Jehovah, Professor Mark L. Mirabello lectures on Intellectual History, the History of Medicine, and Alternative Religions and Cults at Shawnee State University in the USA. Formerly a visiting Professor at Nizhni Novgorod State University in Russia, he has a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow. This fictional narrative, The Cannibal Within,  is based upon a real life encounter with a person not unlike the anonymous antiheroine whose story Professor Mirabello retells.


Matthew Levi Stevens

Matthew Levi Stevens was born 31st of October 1966, shortly before Midnight. He is a writer, researcher, and online commentator. Awareness of the Occult and ‘chance encounters’ with certain artist-practitioners determined his path at a young age.

His published works include A Moving Target: Encounters with William Burroughs (Beat Scene Press, 2012), and in collaboration with C J Bradbury Robinson, A Way With Words (WhollyBooks, 2013.) In addition, he has written on Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant, and appeared in the anthologies Occult Traditions (Numen, 2012) and CUT UP! (Oneiros Books, 2014), and has also been a regular contributor to a number of magazines and online forums, including Beatdom, Beat Scene, Chaosphere, New Dawn, Reality Sandwich, Reality Studio and The Modern Review.

With his partner, the artist Emma Doeve, he is currently working on a Grimoire inspired by the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. They maintain an occasional blog together at whollybooks.wordpress.com

Maxine Sanders

The Sanders were leading figures of the 1960s occult revival, popularising their own tradition widely known as Alexandrian witchcraft.

Alex and Maxine were much sought after teachers of the Arts Magical and initiated many spiritual aspirants into the Mysteries, when the Craft was still secretive and difficult to access for those seeking initiation.

Here many of the rumours regarding Alex and Maxine are either confirmed, verified and clarified, or denied; the real facts being far more interesting and humorous than hearsay.

”This is one of the most important books ever published on modern paganism:
a full and candid autobiography by one of its most influential, and charismatic figures.”
Professor Ronald Hutton – Author of The Triumph of the Moon
(Oxford University Press)

To book lectures with Maxine, you can contact her by visiting
Maxine Sanders Official Website www.maxinesanders.co.uk

Michael Berman (1952-2013)


“What I have learned from my journey to the sacred mountain, and must now try to put into practice, is that instead of busying myself putting others down, which is what I have tended to do in the past, my time would be better spent helping those I criticise to rise up with me instead – that this is the secret to touching those I meet with goodness, and that this way we can live on in people’s memories, long after we leave this world, whether we are blessed with children of our own or not. This way we can all leave a mark.” ~ Michael Berman (From Sacred Mountains) (2013, 23)

Michael Berman’s published work includes The Power of Metaphor for Crown House, The Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic Story for Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Shamanic Journeys through the Caucasus and Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Stories for O-Books, Journeys outside Time for Pendraig Publishing, and Tales of Power for Lear Books. A Bridge to the Other Side: Death in the Folk Tradition and Georgia through Earth, Fire, Air and Water are both due to be published by Moon Books in 2012. ELT publications include A Multiple Intelligences Road to an ELT Classroom, In a Faraway Land (a resource book for teachers on storytelling), On Business and for Pleasure (a self-study workbook), and English Language Teaching Matters, written with Mojca Belak and Wayne Rimmer.

For more information please visit www.Thestoryteller.org.uk,

Michael Orlando Yaccarino

The author has read, taught, and written about the Tarot for many years. He holds degrees in psychology and film studies from New York University. Previous books co-authored with Scot D. Ryersson include: Infinite Variety: The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati, The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a Muse, and The Princess of Wax: A Cruel Tale. Also with Ryersson, he co-edited Spectral Haunts and Phantom Lovers.

Visit www.marchesacasati.com to learn more.

Visit the official ​Heart Vision​site

Mogg Morgan


I work for innovative ‘new edge’ publisher Mandrake of Oxford, recently described as a ‘respected literary catalyst’, and responsible for the discovery of many new authors, including his friend and onetime mentor Jan Fries.

I regard myself as a practitioner-cum-scholar of all aspects of occultism. I was a Wellcome research student at Oxford, where my teacher was the late Professor B K Matilal, a widely respected expert on South Asian thought. Over the years I have been exploring the connections between the popular magick of ancient Egypt and its continuation/crossover with the living magical traditions of the middle East, and the Kaula/witchcraft of south Asia and beyond

I have a particular interest in divination, dream interpretation and oracles. I’ve experimented widely in using some ancient oracles to address modern queries. Consequently I do sometimes prepare “horoscopes” in the original and authentic Egyptian manner. I also use dice oracles based on Greco-Egyptian and Tantrik sources. I interpret dreams and other omens. My direct email (mandox2000[@]yahoo.com)

Books, Ebooks, Bonus Essays, Lectures, Misc

Isis In India
Work In Progress – Research into the survival of the cult of Isis in South India.
Ebook available on Isis In India

House of Life
A set of introductory magical exercises designed to complement Tankhem & The Bull of Ombos. Available free from House of Life

Strange Oxford
Updated ebook version of now out of print guide to local legends, ancient sites, folklore, magic and mystery on Kindle Ebook

Lectures & Podcasts (available for booking)

Discussion of Egyptian Magick Podcast (click on link)

Seething & Seidr (workshop)

Sexuality & Magick

Write & Find Ecstasy in writing: occult writing after the Witchcraft Act

Art & the Occult

Cult of the Hidden God

Egyptian Magick – General Introduction

Isis In India

Lunar Mysteries of Seth

Seth: personification of evil?

Contemporary magical practitioners have always been interested in the ‘problem of evil’ – the nature of good and bad action. Take for example Helena Blavatsky’s statement – ‘demon est deus inversus’ to be found in her highly influential and monument work ‘The Secret Doctrine’ (1888:1.411). This was later adopted by the poet W B Yeats as his magical motto in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Most practitioners believe that the ancient Egyptian god Seth is the prototype for the contemporary archetype of Lucifer, Satan or the Devil. I want to take a brief look, in context, at the famous image of Seth deriding Apophis, (the demonic / chaotic serpent of ‘non-being’) as a leitmotiv for the nature or ‘personification’ of evil in ancient thought.

View a short film on Typhonian Magick:

Nadia Choucha


Nadia Choucha grew up in the Middle East and Scotland, and has a degree in History of Art from Edinburgh University and a master’s degree in Digital Humanities from King’s College, University of London. She lives in London where she currently works as an editor and digital strategist for an academic research organisation.

© Carl Holmes



[Nathaniel Harris is currently unwell. He is suffering some form of mental illness, one symptom which is misdirected rage against former friends and associates. He has been making unpleasant, unsubstantiated accusations on various Internet forums. Under no circumstances should any of these accusations be given credence. He is receiving professional help and we wish him well for the future. ]

”Concerning Nathaniel J. Harris”:

”Thanks for stopping by,

I, along with many folk from many different paths within the British Pagan and esoteric community, have attempted to ignore the unpleasant material originating from Mr Nathaniel Harris (currently ‘Nathaniel Mortlock’). However his continued vilification of me and many others within our community has prompted me to write this brief statement.

While anyone who is familiar with Mr Harris of old simply shakes their head and says (and I am paraphrasing to keep things polite) ‘oh dear, he’s up to all that stuff again!’, there are those who may not know him directly or who have only encountered his online material. There are also those who hear from him via mass spam mails, through deceptive Facebook accounts or other channels, who may simply wonder what on earth is going on.

The origin of Mr Harris’ vendetta against the esoteric network that I’m part of (The Illuminates of Thanateros or IOT) goes back many years, during which time he has altered the nature of his accusations several times. His harassment of numerous people, both from within that organisation and other parts of the British esoteric community, is a long running saga. More recently he has taken to accusing myself and various other people (his Mum, his Dad, his step-father, his partners former husband, a former neighbour, his publisher, two ex-partners and a large number of others) of participating in some kind of abusive cult.

I do not know the details of Mr Harris’ mental health, whether he is ill or simply nasty. What I do know is that some two years ago action was taken to remove a child from Mr Harris’ ‘care’. I was able to provide some evidence to the court and emotional support for some of those involved. The decision of the court was that the child in question be removed from Mr Harris and returned to a more suitable and safe family situation. There were multiple reasons why this action was taken against Mr Harris which, for reasons of child protection and confidentially, it is not appropriate to make public.

That being said, people who are familiar with child protection law in the UK will know that this kind of action is not taken unless there has been serious neglect of the child in question and they are at grave risk of further harm. Such safeguarding decisions are only made with the agreement of a variety of informed opinions including police, legal representatives, teachers, social services, family members, medical practitioners and others.

I can only assume that the accusations that Mr Harris makes about me and others arise because he is angry about his inability to maintain healthy relationships. In short, he is looking for people to blame for his own difficulties.

I am aware that by publishing this statement Mr Harris is likely to react badly; perhaps by increasing the volume of unpleasant messages he regularly sends to myself and others, or otherwise lashing out in his distress. My previous refusal to engage with the unpleasant and false material that Mr Harris produces was born out of the compassionate hope that he would find some form of suitable support (whether that be in a mental health or other context) and be able to transcend his current fixation. Sadly this has not yet happened but I earnestly hope that he can find some measure of peace and healing to address his own challenges and shortcomings.

Having explained, for the proverbial record, the background to Mr Harris’ current obsession with me I shall simply leave this information hanging in cyberspace so that, if Mr Harris feels like sending out another bunch of ranting emails or posting further wild accusations, others who are less familiar with his current modus operandi may be referred to it.

Best wishes

Julian Vayne”

Link to Original Statement

Nevill Drury (1947-2013)
Rest in Peace Nevill

NEVILL DRURY PhD is an independent historical researcher whose specialist interests include modern Western magic, shamanism, transpersonal psychology and visionary art. Born in England in 1947 but resident in Australia since 1963, Nevill has worked as an international art-book publisher, lecturer and magazine editor and is now a full-time writer. He is the author/co-author/editor of over sixty books and his work has been published in 25 countries and 18 languages.

His most recent publications include Stealing Fire from Heaven: the Rise of Modern Western Magic (Oxford University Press 2011); Homage to Pan (Creation Oneiros 2009), The Dictionary of Magic (Watkins 2005) and The New Age: the History of a Movement (Thames & Hudson 2004). He received his Ph.D from the University of Newcastle in 2008 for a dissertation on the visionary art and magical beliefs of Rosaleen Norton (awarded ‘Best Humanities Ph.D’. in that year).

Nevill died 15th October 2013 aged 66.

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold is an anthropologist and psychologist with an inclination towards the metaphysics of faiths and cults of a traditional pedigree. He is a specialist in the works of Marsilio Ficino and is a practicing traditional astrologer. He has been deeply involved in the occult world with its orders and sodalities since the late 1980s. Since the turn of this millennium he discarded most modern occultism in favour of a focus on traditional forms of cult and faith, European and African. His involvement with Traditional Witchcraft leads to this presentation of Craft themes He is a sworn Brother of The Clan of Tubal Cain and Magister of the Lilium Umbrae Cuveen, its kinship group in the southern hemisphere.

Nick Farrell


Nick Farrell was born in the UK and raised in New Zealand. At the age of four he suffered from a series of night-time terrors. He saw things that were particularly frightening. He knew they were not dreams but they appeared real. These visions lasted until he was 17 when he bought his first set of Tarot cards and suddenly found himself in a Golden Dawn offshoot called Builders of the Adytum. Nick started to read everything he could find on the Golden Dawn and Magic.

Nick moved to Hawkes Bay where he hooked up with the former members of the last surviving temple of the Golden Dawn, Whare Ra. In particular he joined the Order of the Table Round which was a side order of the now defunct Whare Ra temple. The head of the order was Percy Wilkinson who, along with Jack Taylor, had implanted the Golden Dawn’s initiatory formula over the top of the original ritual. Percy and a few of the other elderly Golden Dawn adepts shared a lot of ideas with Nick who at the time was not really that interested in the Golden Dawn and had signed up to join Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki’s Servants of the Light School. Nick moved to the UK to take part in practical work of the SOL and found himself being trained by David Goddard.

In 1997, Nick visited the US where he carried out a few workshops and renewed his friendship with Chic and Tabatha Cicero and joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn forming a Temple of that Group in Nottingham. Around that time Nick wrote his first book Making Talismans which has turned out to be an esoteric classic. He moved to Sofia in Bulgaria where he wrote Magical Pathworking, The Druidic Order of Pendragon (with Colin Robertson), Gathering the Magic and Egyptian Shaman. He also began to work with the artist Harry Wendrich and his wife Nicola Golden Dawn Temple Tarot deck which is soon to be released.

In 2007 he wrote his first novel “When a Tree Falls“, which is an occult, fantasy based on his silly and at times black sense of humour. In 2008 he moved to Rome where he wrote two more books on the Golden Dawn “King over the Water” and “Mathers’ Last Secret“. Later that year he established the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which is a traditional Golden Dawn based order which already has five temples worldwide and a thriving correspondence course.During the day he makes money as a journalist for online technology magazines including Techeye and Fudzilla.

Nigel Bryant

Nigel Bryant’s involvement with Arthurian matters is long-standing. As theatre director and radio drama producer he has worked on Arthur-related plays and series by writers including C.S.Lewis, Rosemary Sutcliff, Susan Cooper and Kevin Crossley-Holland, and as a translator he has published modern English versions of The High Book of the Grail (Perlesvaus), the Perceval of Chrétien de Troyes and its Continuations, Robert de Boron’s Merlin and the Grail and a new compilation of the medieval French romances, The Legend of the Grail: Nigel Bryant versus Dan Brown.

Nikki Wyrd

For more than two decades, Nikki Wyrd has been intensely involved in group magickal practices. A lifelong member of the Illluminates of Thanateros, she is currently head of the British Isles Section. An organiser of occult conferences, Vice Chancellor of Arcanorium College, and holder of a BSc in Ecology, this is her first published book. Nikki lives on the edge of a city, with water meadows at the end of her garden.

Paul Green


Paul A. Green has been exploring the interzones between magick, the paranormal and the edge-lands of science in drama, fiction and poetry over several decades – as

demonstrated in plays like The Dream Laboratory (CBC Radio), Ritual of the

Stifling Air (BBC Radio 3), The Voice Collection (RTE Radio Eire), The Mouthpiece

(Resonance-FM), Terminal Poet (New Theatre Works) and Babalon (Travesty

Theatre), which celebrated the life of Thelemite rocket scientist Jack Parsons. The mysteries of consciousness are also recurrent themes in The Gestaltbunker- Selected

Poems (Shearsman Books 2012).

His novel The Qliphoth (Libros Libertad 2007) – an occultural rite-of-passage saga in

a contemporary setting – fused speculative fiction and esoteric fantasy. The sequel

Beneath The Pleasure Zones, coming soon from Mandrake, takes

genre-mashing and reality-morphing even further in a post-apocalyptic alt.world of

neo-pagan cults, fundamentalist militias, and erotic cyber-punkettes…

His on-line presence includes audio pieces like Thanatron, Brother Thirteen, and BP Blues , featured on www.culturecourt.com, which also carries his articles on

Crowley, Burroughs and Colin Wilson, among others. Stories from his Radial City series can be found at Nth Position, The Recusant and Brand Magazine, and in the print collection Unthology 2 (Unthank Books)

Babalon Film

Peter J. Carroll

Peter J. Carroll is one of the founders of The Magical Pact of The Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) which he led for a decade. He has spent thirty-seven years in research and experiment and is the author of four other books; Liber Null & Psychonaut, Liber Kaos: The Psychonomicon, Psybermagic, and The Apophenion.

Peter J. Carroll Specularium website www.specularium.org

Peter Stockinger


Peter Stockinger has studied astrology in Austria and in Great Britain and has been practicing this art for about 25 years. He trained as a Cosmobiologist and modern astrologer in Vienna.

In 1998 he moved to North Wales and continued his astrological studies there. Studying the works of the English master astrologers of the Renaissance and the 17^th century closely, he soon realised that these were holding the key to a more precise form of astrology. He found that this approach was perfectly suitable to provide answers to 21^st century’s everyday life questions. Consequently he decided to concentrate purely on traditional natal and horary astrology and has also specialised in working with planetary gemstones. Peter is particularly interested in the history of astrology and its reintegration into the magical arts.

For the last 30 years Peter has also studied with several esoteric schools teaching a variety of disciplines; he has a particular interest in retrieving the ancient wisdom of our northern European ancestors.

In his mundane life he enjoys visiting the ancient sites of his home in North Wales and, together with his wife Anna, performs spiritual healing for rescued and traumatized animals.

Visit Peter Stockinger Traditional Astrology Website for consultations


Philip H Farber

Philip H. Farber is a writer, hypnotist, NLP trainer, ritualist, and consciousness explorer. He is best known for his book on ritual magick, Future Ritual: Magick for the 21st Century and as the creator of Meta-Magick, a system of practice combining elements of magick, NLP, hypnosis, and more.

For news, events, seminars, workshops and online courses, please check out

Phil Farber’s Meta-Magick website

and also Hawk Ridge Productions


Ray Sherwin, born in 1952 in Yorkshire, England, is an English occult author and publisher. Together with Peter J. Carroll, he is one of the originators of the system of magical discipline called chaos magic.

In the late 1970s, he began publishing a magazine called The New Equinox, an irregular journal dealing with Thelemic magick, chaos magic and related subjects. He developed chaos magic theory and early rituals.

In 1978, he co-founded the Illuminates of Thanateros with Carroll, later publishing Carroll’s book, Liber Null. Also during 1978, Sherwin wrote and published The Book of Results. These two books, Liber Null and The Book of Results, were the first books written on the topic of chaos magic.

He is also the author of the magical texts The Theatre of Magick and Strange Smell in the Car.
(from Wikipedia)


RC MCNEFF was born in London. He is a published poet and short story writer, and has worked internationally in education and the art world. His interest in Crowley was sparked by contact with associates of the Beast at an early age.

Robert Conner

Robert studied biblical (better called “Helenistic” or “koine”) Greek in the early 1970s, also biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Coptic. His professors were Margaret Howe and Ronald Veenker, both now retired. Neither of them endorse or approve of his theories, especially those in Jesus the Sorcerer. Robert made a detailed study of the Greek New Testament although he is agnostic about all supernatural claims. Our best surviving evidence on Jesus is that he was one of many local apocalyptic Jewish prophets, likely reacting to the presence of Romans and Roman influence in Palestine. Like similar figures, Jesus was an ecstatic performer who did healing and exorcism (a quintessentially Jewish preoccupation), and displayed other charismatic “gifts” such as mind reading as proof of his prophetic calling. He was, as Morton Smith pointed out, what both ancient and modern people would regard as a “magician,” but he preached the coming of an apocalyptic judgment that would come within his generation and that, obviously, did not happen.

Robert’s current focus is how the study of consciousness might increase our understanding of paranormal phenomena.

Podcast: 1. Magic in Christianity with Robert Conner – AeonByte’s library

New essay from Scribd:

The Secret Gospel of Mark (Bonus Essay)

The Shadow as a Magical Assistant (Bonus Essay)

Robin Odell


Robin Odell was born in Hampshire in 1935. After working as a university laboratory technician and completing his National Service, he developed an interest in crime writing.

His JACK THE RIPPER IN FACT AND FICTION published by Harrap (1965), is still regarded as a major contribution to the subject. In a writing career spanning more than thirty-five years, he has written or co-written sixteen books. He now lives in South Oxfordshire and continues to write and lecture on crime and criminology.

He acknowledges his debt to the researches of the late Dr Hubert Trumper, a medical practitioner in Hay-on-Wye, and the late Joe Gaute, distinguished crime historian and publisher. Their combined efforts sustained over several years brought many insights to bear on the life and trial of Major Armstrong.

Robin Odell won the Gold Medal at the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the True Crime category for Ripperology: A Study of the World’s First Serial Killer (Kent State University Press) and is a nominee of the Mystery Writers of America 2007 Edgar Allan Poe Awards.



Ron Wyman (new author)

Author on Alchemy

This work is an abstract art asssociated with pittura metafisica, or metaphysical painting. It may be understood as an aesthetic structuralism that conveys a structural infinity. In this way it is archetypal and involves the Jungian archetype. It involves a philosophical perspectivism, and a ‘low’ or abyssal dionysian abstraction, which I bring into interiors, still life, landscape, and portraiture. I convey a sculptural figuration and also utilise the theme of the mannequin, as the psychic apparatus. Its figuration then involves a kind of realism, in an existential sense of realism. In general these originated from an interest in bringing the dionysian into graphic, perspectival, and figurative work, and from Heideggerian kind of experience of space, that contains a structurality. It is related to abstract surrealism and metarealism, but emphasises an essence or immanence, which I understand through the tragic, and the shadow, and an afternoon withdrawal.

         1998  Nexus Exhibition, group exhibition, Downey Museum of Art, Downey, California.
         1997  Homecoming Exhibition, group exhibition, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
         1996  Small Sacrifices, group exhibition,, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
         1995  Gallery Artists Christmas Exhibition, Sarah Bain Gallery, Fullerton, California.
         1995  Untitled, Untethered, Christies auction, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California.
         1995  Solo Exhibition, Gallery 57, Fullerton, California.
         Anatomy of Light, Troubador Publishing Ltd., Imprint: Matador, 272PP (Leicester, 2007).
         Anatomy of Light & Dionysian Aesthetics (forthcoming edition), Troubador Publishing Ltd., Imprint: Matador (Leicester: 2012).
         The Peacock’s Egg (forthcoming book), Mandrake of Oxford (Oxon: 2012).
         An Approach to Metaphysical Painting (forthcoming book).
         Nietzsche and de Chirico: Images of the Aidôs, 10th Annual Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche
               Society, Warwick University, Coventry, September 2002.
         MA Painting (distinction), The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 1998.
         BA Painting, San Francisco State University, 1993.

Seán Fitton

Seán has been a practising Pagan for more years than he cares to remember and a follower of Dionysos for about 15 of those. He lives in the wilds of north Manchester with his wife and carer, Sara, children and pets and runs a local house moot. This is his first book and he intends to write another if he can squeeze it in between acting and musician jobs.

Shani Oates

Shani Oates lives in Derbyshire (UK) where she is a devoted practitioner of the true art, a mystic, a pilgrim, artist, professional photographer and holistic therapist. She is also a life-long student and researcher of theology, philosophy and anthropology intrinsic to all praxes that engage the Mysteries proper. Providing valuable resources for her lectures at both moots and esoteric conferences, these disciplines serve to enrich her role and duties as the Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain.

CLAN OF TUBAL CAIN WEBSITE www.clanoftubalcain.org.uk

As an author her published works are included within Hecate: Her Sacred Fires by Avalonia Press and other various popular pagan, folklore and occult publications for over a decade, including The Cauldron, Pendragon, The White Dragon, The Pentacle, The Hedge Wytch and The Wytch’s Standard. The second 2011 edition of Abraxas Occult Journal features her most recent contribution on the Mysteries. This, is her second book and she is currently busy on her fourth that continues to explore and explain the deeper aspects and histories of her Craft.

Snoo Wilson (1948 – 2013)

Snoo Wilson is a writer and playwright who presented an apologia for Aleister Crowley in the TV series ‘Without Walls’. His previous novels are Spaceache and Inside Babel (Chatto). His play, More Light, about the heretic Giordano Bruno, is published by Mandrake of Oxford. His latest project is a satyrical novel, The Works of Melmont, based on the life of Robert Maxwell and available from Mandrake.

Died suddenly of a heart attack on 5th July 2013

Spencer Kansa

Spencer Kansa has written for a wide variety of publications including Hustler UK, Mojo Magazine, Erotic Review and the NME. His interviews with literary icons William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Bowles and Herbert Huncke feature in Joe Ambrose‘s book Chelsea Hotel Manhattan (Headpress).

For more info: www.spencerkansa.com

Read Spencer Kansa Zoning with The Beats

Read Spencer Kansa’s feature on David Sylvian on Dangerous Minds website

All Material on this page copyright © Spencer Kansa

Steve Nichols


Steve Nichols, a successful tournament chess player in his youth, has edited a national Games magazine, studied Philosophy as an undergrad with AJ Ayer, developed a revolutionary Theory of Mind (M.V.T.), lost at table tennis to Arthur C Clark, discussed John Dee and Paracelsus with HRH Prince Charles, founded the Posthuman movement in 1988, published national magazines about board games and magick, run MENSA international occult SIG, studied Middle Egyptian language at Leiden University, gained an MSc in Neural Computing, practices psychotherapist and is Member BPsP (Brit. Psych. Soc). Steve has published strategy software including Shogi (which reached the Grand Final world Shogi computer championships in Tokyo) and Chaturanga in addition to Enochian Chess, and has authored books including The Primal Eye (MVT), The Magical Writings of Ithell Colquhoun, Taro of the Four Worlds, ZENET: Egyptian Game of Immortality, and Minor Arcanaii of the Four Winds.

Sue Ward

Sue Ward

A student of astrology since the early 1980s, Sue very soon became fascinated by the western predictive tradition. Having been introduced to the work of William Lilly (1602-1681) through Zadkiel’s bastardized version of “Christian Astrology”, she has continued to focus on the original text.

Her work in Traditional astrology has been published in a wide variety of astrological magazines and journals, and she lectures nationally and internationally. Research into and study of William Lilly’s work remains her passion.

She undertakes client consultations and has taught the art through her correspondence courses for over twenty years.

Sue Ward Astrology Website


Susan Cross

Susan Cross is a poet, heritage and environmental interpretation consultant and occasional pirate. About a decade ago she realised that she has probably always been some kind of animist mystic and since then has endeavoured to make that a more conscious, clearer and brighter part of her life.

Timothy d’Arch Smith

Timothy d’Arch Smith is a well-known bibliographer, reviewer and antiquarian bookseller with a special interest in the by-ways of literature, notably the occult and the curious.

For Aleister Crowley a book was a talisman and their every part right down to colour, dimension, and price was symbolic. He also used magical techniques to gain literary success–thus new editions of Crowley’s writing multiply daily, tantalizing the bibliographer. All the more indispensable is this authoritative guide to his magical first editions.

Timothy d’Arch Smith, widely acknowledged as a leading expert on Crowley and on underground literature, offers several shorter articles on:

*Oxford’s demonologist Montague Summers;
*R A Caton and his Fortune Press;
*Sexual prophet Ralph Chubb;
*Florence Farr;
*The British Library Private Case;
*and Timothy d’Arch Smith.
*For this new edition, he also adds an extra chapter on Crowley.

Tom Bradley

When Tom Bradley was a little boy he was given a gazetteer for Christmas. As little boys will, he looked up all the places in the world that start with the F-word. There were two, Fukien in China and Fukuoka in Japan. Little did he suspect that he would one day be exiled to both.

Tom is a former lounge harpist. During his pre-exilic period, he played his own transcriptions of Bach and Debussy in a Salt Lake City synagogue that had been transformed into a pricey watering hole by a nephew of the Shah of Iran.

He taught anglophone literature to Chinese graduate students in the years leading up to the Tiananmen Square massacre. He was politely invited to leave China after burning a batch of student essays about the democracy movement rather than surrendering them to “the leaders.”

Tom wound up teaching conversational skills to freshman dentistry majors in the Japanese “imperial university” where they used to vivisect our bomber pilots and serve their livers raw at festive banquets. But his writing somehow sustains him.

Tom’s latest books are Family Romance, a novel illustrated by Nick Patterson (Jaded Ibis Press), A Pleasure Jaunt With One of the Sex Workers Who Don’t Exist in the People’s Republic of China (Neopoiesis Press), Bomb Baby (Enigmatic Ink), Vital Fluid (Crossing Chaos), Even the Dog Won’t Touch Me (Ahadada Press), Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch (Dog Horn Publishing), My Hands Were Clean (Unlikely Books) and Put It Down in a Book (The Drill Press), which was named 3:AM Magazine’s Non-Fiction Book of the Year. Further curiosity can be indulged at http://tombradley.org.

Reviews and blurbs:

Tom Bradley is one of the most exasperating, offensive, pleasurable, and brilliant writers I know. I recommend his work to anyone with spiritual fortitude and a taste for something so strange that it might well be genius.
— Denis Dutton, Arts & Letters Daily

I tell you that Dr. Bradley has devoted his existence to writing because he intends for every center of consciousness, everywhere, in all planes and conditions (not just terrestrial female Homo sapiens in breeding prime), to love him forever, starting as soon as possible, though he’s prepared to wait thousands of centuries after he’s dead.
— Cye Johan, Exquisite Corpse

The contemporaries of Michelangelo found it useful to employ the term “terribilita” to characterize some of the expressions of his genius, and I will quote it here to sum up the shocking impact of this work as a whole. I read it in a state of fascination, admiration, awe, anxiety, and outrage.
— R.V. Cassill, editor of The Norton Anthology of Fiction

Vincent Ongkowidjojo

Photo by Astrid Grunwald

Vincent Ongkowidjojo has been a long time student of Freya Aswynn and currently co-manages Freya’s School of Runes and Northern Mysteries. His vision is rooted in Western and Eastern esoteric philosophies. He practices and teaches Taiji and meditation. Vincent earlier published Secrets of Asgard, and Runen in de Noordse Traditie.

He graduated as a master in Assyriology, having studied both Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. Visit Vincent’s website for latest updates on talks, courses and workshops in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.


And read these short essays on scribd reading site:
Some supplementary essays on Norse mythology on scribd.

Xavier Bolot

Xavier Bolot portrait bl w 692 Ko

Painter, Engineer of the INPG National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France, Professor of Electronics at the University of Montreal, Canada, President of the French Association of Industrial Advertising in Paris, Consultant in communication and behavior, Orleans, Xavier Bolot leads his research on the various problems of perception with the support of the National Fine Art School of Bourges in France. He publishes innovative books by L’Harmattan major editor in Paris, France:
Drawing in Real Perspective, The Neutral Light, Vision in Action, The Three Realities. He is a researcher at the CEAQ (Center of Studies on the Present and Everyday Life) University of Paris V Descartes Sorbonne.