Matthew Levi Stevens

Matthew Levi Stevens was born 31st of October 1966, shortly before Midnight. He is a writer, researcher, and online commentator. Awareness of the Occult and ‘chance encounters’ with certain artist-practitioners determined his path at a young age.

His published works include A Moving Target: Encounters with William Burroughs (Beat Scene Press, 2012), and in collaboration with C J Bradbury Robinson, A Way With Words (WhollyBooks, 2013.) In addition, he has written on Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant, and appeared in the anthologies Occult Traditions (Numen, 2012) and CUT UP! (Oneiros Books, 2014), and has also been a regular contributor to a number of magazines and online forums, including Beatdom, Beat Scene, Chaosphere, New Dawn, Reality Sandwich, Reality Studio and The Modern Review.

With his partner, the artist Emma Doeve, he is currently working on a Grimoire inspired by the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. They maintain an occasional blog together at

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