The Book of Baphomet

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The Book Of Baphomet (Trailer)

You hold in your hands the material result of many years’ hard craft.
This Book contains some of the secrets of Life itself; or rather, the
occult deity of Life on Earth, Baphomet. Horned, vital, beautiful, awe
full, our aeons old Chaos Magick idol finds a name from the Knights’
Templar, then goes incognito through the Enlightenment (when
flourished those great natural philosophers beloved of science
historians), before emerging via devil worship and witchcraft into
this era of Deep Ecology.

Darwin could have used a picture of Baphomet as his frontispiece, to
demonstrate the one flesh from which all species originate. Contacting
this Great Spirit, the anima mundi, allows access to a new way of
ordering the world, with fresh visions of how and why we could Live.
Here the authors weave strands from their lives into a rich tapestry
of images, which might give you a pointer or two towards your own
self-realisation, whilst amusing, entertaining, and instructing along
the way.

Revolution, evolution, leap beyond the apocalypse to the Now!

“An excellent read, consisting as it does of such a wealth of
information, research, anecdote, experience and vision” Peter J

“It is a very fine book, in which your two voices form a harmonious
whole, and which manages to interweave cosmology, history, science,
autobiography and drugs in a very effective way which probably nobody
else could have managed.” Prof. Ronald Hutton

“I have finished the book and found nothing I would object to. It is
most excellent. The so-called Occult world is full of really bad books
that are a sad waste of trees. Yours shines amongst this dross.” Ian

“Altered state of consciousness just reading it…” Alistair Livingston

“A fascinating, poetic revisioning of the concept of deity for the
21st century” Levannah Morgan


The Song of Life    11
Evolution    30
Elucidation    34
First Contact    36
Out of the Eastern Temple    42
Fire Underground    51
The Magical Conspiracy    62
The Inheritors of Baphomet    67
Enlightenment    79
Of Caves and Spires    85
Age old wisdom    88
Deep ecology    90
That Discordian Conspiracy so far…    100
Licking Baphomet into Shape    103
Satanic orgy shocker!    111
Stars in their eyes    116
Goddess    119
The Tell-Tale Head    122
Enter the Horned God    124
Not with a Bang    134
Serpent Dance    140
Embrace the Chaos    143
The Will to Live    149
The Death of Baphomet    154
Chains of Life after Death    167
Dredd Lord of the Shadows    169
Alchemy    178
The Precious Toad Stone    181
Baphomet Revisioned    183
Toad in the hole, Whole in the Toad    188
Deep Baphomet    196
Stories from The Circle of Baphomet    198
Horns of Baphomet yoga    206
Gnostic Chaosphere Ritual  

Check out The Blog of Baphomet, a magickal dialogue between nature and culture.

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