Khemetic Chess
(aka Hypermodern Magick)
Steve Nichols

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Khemetic Chess
(aka Hypermodern Magick)
Steve Nichols
Format: Cased-bound/matt laminate/297pp
Illustrations many in colour.
ISBN: 978-1-906958-86-2
Subjects: Chess/Enochian Magick/Golden Dawn/Aleister Crowley & Thelema.

Khemetic Chess (aka Hypermodern Magick) is a stand-alone book that
outlines my theory of magick, and sheds light on ‘active divinatory’
Enochian Chess. Exploring the 64 (8×8) paradigm, it looks at both
historical and recent Enochian Chess variants. Aleister Crowley features
prominently; and I look at strong Khemetic strands in Thelema such as
the Crowning of Horus. It also encompasses Tantra, and Tsakli pieces
(moveable shrines) for “No Self” Enochian Chess.

This book explains how 88 Ptolemaic emblemata gave birth to familiar
Christianised tarot designs. These 88 divide into four groups of 22
Atous, and these combine with the Minor Arcanaii of the Four Winds, 56
divination cards for each of the 4 Elements or Chessboards. Four packs
of 78 “Tarot of the Four Worlds.”

Khem, ancient Egypt, seems to be the fount of many magickal practices
and survivals in diverse cultures. I trace some Khemetic influences on
Tibetan Bonpo and Hinduism. Essential components and structure from
Kabbalah also seem to begin with the Khemetic game of Zenet, and the
Hymn to the Ten Bau of Amen-Ra rather than with such texts as Sepher
Yetzirah and Zohar of the Late Medieval Period. Horus, Isis and the
other Great Ones of Khem work better under governance of the
Tetragrammaton (word with four letters) “AMEN” rather than under the
arguably anti-Kemetic, Tetragrammaton YHVH.

Hypermodern Magick explains, continues and augments innovations that
began with the literary modernist and psychological experimenter, WB
Yeats and continued with political surrealist, Ithell Colquhoun, and Don
Kraig (Modern Magick).

Steve Nichols’ fully featured Windows ENOCHIAN CHESS SOFTWARE for one to
four players can be downloaded by using the coupon code instructions
inside together with evidence of purchase. The PC software makes this
advanced and complex game immediately playable. Steve Nichols was the
first to publish Enochian Chess sets in 1982 with support from Israel
Regardie and others. Steve has given many demonstrations, readings and
lectures about the game over the decades.

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